Learn How To Start A Successful Home Based Medical Billing Business!
Most people that start this business don't know the proper steps to take, and that's why the failure rate is high even though there is a huge market for this service.

1) They believe that all they need to do is purchase software, load it on their computer, print up fliers, send them out to physicians and they'll be in business in no time, or

2) They sign up with a company looking to hire home based medical claim processors. They promise to supply you with training, software, and the clients, and you'll earn $40,000 - $50,000 your first year.

The author is an 8 year owner and consultant and knows that neither of the above options work in the real world.

#1 doesn't work because there are many steps that have to be done and most people aren't even aware of them. If you skip these steps you will quit! But not before you spend a ton of valuable time, energy and money in the process.

#2 is a scam that you see advertised in all of the newspapers, magazines, and online. Unfortunately, thousands of people a day fall for these scams, and the only one making a profit are the companies that placed the advertisements.



Where Should You Go To Learn The Truth?

Great question! The successful owners don't want to share this information with you without charging you a fortune for it! There also hasn't been a recent resource or book that explains the exact step-by-step process.


Medical Billing For Beginners - Learn Now!

Medical Billing Table of Contents

Now, if you decide to do anything before you purchase this manual you are making a big mistake!

Learning from others is the BEST way for you to increase your odds of being successful quicker than doing it all by yourself.

At the very least this manual will allow you to make decisions BASED on FACTS. You will be able to decide if this is even the right business for you to become involved in because "IT'S DEFINITELY NOT FOR EVERYONE" no matter how much you may think you're prepared to pursue it.

The "Industry Insiders" Are Giving This Manual Such Rave Reviews because they know that what the author is sharing with you is Not Hype or Theory ...It's 8 years worth of proven facts from his own personal experience, from the experiences of other well known owners and it's from the author's heart.

After Reading This Jam - Packed 107 Page Manual You'll Know:

  • The real truth as to whether this business can really be started without any prior experience in this field.

  • Exactly how much money you will have to invest into starting this home based business.
  • What the average home based medical biller salary is and what you can do to ensure that the amount continuously increases.

  • The how's and why's about the entire process and how to do it properly from home as a successful business venture.

  • Have valid examples of contracts, marketing fliers and other business forms that you will need to be familiar with.

  • Which three very important services you should be offering to prospective physicians.

  • What HIPAA is and why it impacts you and your business.

  • What you must do to get physicians for your new business and where to find their contact information.

  • How to successfully market your business and services.

  • Exactly what to say to prospective physicians and their staff to secure them as your client.

  • Exactly what forms you will need and where to can go to download or buy them.

  • Most importantly, you'll be able to decide based on facts if starting this service is the right business for you!

  • Much Much More!

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Medical Billing Business at Home - Learn Now!
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